Rafaela Persson (4)
© Rafaela Persson

As I did for 2009 and 2010, it’s time to write a list of my favorite contributed articles published on Camera Obscura during 2011.

The list is based on my personal taste, the quality of the writing being fundamental, almost independently of the attached photos. Camera Obscura is above all a text-based platform for artists to express their point of view and share their experience; so -even if the photographic work is certainly important, I try to give more weight to the text itself. As usual, I prefer the everyday life, the anecdotes and the personal stories much more than theory and philosophy.

Kalliope Amorphous (7)
© Kalliope Amorphous

The choice was really difficult, a lot of articles not included here are stunning, but I had to end up with a top list. Anywhere, here we are with the list of the best articles published during 2011 (favorite on top):

  1. Female drug addiction in Afghanistan, by Rafaela Persson
  2. The Language Of Skin: Thoughts On Self Portraiture & Poetry, by Kalliope Amorphous
  3. Leaving Comfort Behind, by Scott McIntyre
  4. No Strings Attached (NSA), by Helen Flanagan
  5. Frozen in time, by Urban Travel
  6. By the Lake, by Birgit Püve
  7. Sea Change, by Michael Marten
  8. The things we did while you were gone, by Bryan Thomas
  9. Myth and Landscape, by David Parker
  10. Between In and Out, by Chen Xiaomei (陈小枚)

As usual, I suggest all the CO followers to reread these articles, they are all great essays about photography!

Photo by Scott McIntyre (9)
© Scott McIntyre