More or less a year ago I began to publish English translations of the articles appearing on Camera Obscura, as well to translate in Italian all those articles who were written directly in English or French. From a site mainly in Italian, with time Camera Obscura has turned into a site where the English and Italian are increasingly taking the same importance. More recently, a number of photographers is responding to my call to deepen the discourse on photography , photographers who usually write in English. For this reason I’m getting a large number of articles to be translated into Italian, that is a really time consuming job.

As the primary goal of Camera Obscura are the contents and not the translations, I thought to give up the idea of translating all the articles in all the languages, freeing each of them. The preferred language now is English, to mak the content available to as many readers is possible, but I will continue to write in Italian cause my habit and convenience. In practice, I will try to translate into English all the articles that appear on Camera Obscura, but if I write directly in English or in French I will not feel obliged to translate them into Italian.

Until now, the RSS feeds available on the pages of Camera Obscura contain only articles in the current language. This means that readers subscribing to the feed in Italian will not receive updates if the articles are published only in English or French.

To avoid this, I reorganized the Camera Obscura’s feeds, placing them in open view at the top of the side navigation bar. Starting from this moment you can choose between different subscriptions. The main feed contains all articles published independently of the language, that is to say all possible updates on Camera Obscura. Readers who do not speak foreign languages, however, can subscribe only to the feed of the language they prefer, to date: Italian, English and French. The feed of comments written by users to the articles is independent of language, thus remains unique. Finally you can subscribe to all photo feeds that joins together all the updates on, that is to say all the updates from: Camera Obscura (in all languages and excluding comments), the portfolio and the news.

Last news: taking advantage of the fact that I have completely rewritten the subscription system, now all the feeds are handled by feedburner, and -for all those readers that do not like to use a feed reader- now you can subscribe to each of the feed via email and received the site update directly in your inbox.