Charles Demuth, I saw the figure 5 in Gold
Charles Demuth - I saw the figure 5 in Gold, 1928

Camera Obscura is five years old today!

My idea was to lunch the new site layout and domain today, to make it the biggest news of this fifth year of Camera Obscura. Sadly I need to do some some additional coding and testing, followed by the translation of the whole theme in five languages. Actually, the multilanguage feature of Camera Obscura makes everything much more difficult. The theme is much more complex, not all the plugins works fine, and translate everything is really time consuming. Anyway, I hope the new template will be online soon!

Globally Camera Obscura is doing well, the number of visits and feed readers is still increasing. Thank you to all the readers for your interest in photography and art!

Do you want to know wich was the article in english who get the maximum number of visits during the last twelve months? Here you have: Ars Moriendi, by Joel-Peter Witkin.

Concerning the future, besides the iminent new layout, I would like to increase the number of contributors and regular editors (if you want to became a CO editor just contact me) and go social, sharing Camera Obscura content at least on twitter, facebook and Google+. And you, what would you like to see on Camera Obscura during the next year? Write a comment with your wish list, and I’ll try to make your dreams true.

So, stay tuned for a new year full of great contemporary photography!