A few weeks ago I invited the readers of Camera Obscura to update their feed subscription, making available all the updates into a single feed too, with English, Italian and French articles.

Everything works fine, but for reasons that I’m still not able to understand, Google Reader considers as new each old article on which I do the smallest correction. The thing is pretty boring, and for sometime I’m looking for a solution. I apologize in advance if in the next few days you will notice something strange in Google Reader.

The problem however seems to be Google, because in Feedburner everything works properly. I do not know how behave other FeedReader, does some Camera Obscura readers use a service or program other than Google Reader? Have you noticed anomalies?

If the duplicate post in Google Reader is particularly annoying for you, a possible solution is to subscribe to the feed via email. In this case you will receive in your inbox only the new articles and you will not get the corrections of the old ones. In any case I hope I will quickly find a solution that works with Google Reader too.