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Everything started with twitter, and rapidly went on Facebook and Google+. I thought I was done with social sites, sharing and posting outside CO-mag site. But following Gonzalo Bénard suggestion, a couple of weeks ago I created a new tumbler channel too, where I started posting a photo and a teaser from the new post or the archive.

After a handful of posts only, I’ve been contacted by tumblr staff to put CO-mag channel under spotlight. This is a great opportunity to give a lot of visibility to all the articles published on the webzine, as well as the demonstration that all the hard work we are doing for CO-mag is appreciated as it deserves.

Anyway, here we are, CO-mag is listed in the top photography blog on tumblr and we have new followers every second!

Don’t wait anymore, join CO-mag on tumblr and enjoy our eclectic selection of great contemporary photography!