Fabiano Busdraghi Antarctica invitation
Invitation to Antarctica exposition in Fotogalerie im Blauen Haus
© Fabiano Busdraghi

In a couple of weeks I will expose a selection of my photos from Antarctica in Fotogalerie im Blauen Haus, a gallery dedicated to photography that is located in Munich. Germany.

You can visit the exposition from February 18th to March 26th 2011 (Tuesday-Friday: 3pm to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 4pm). If you want to talk a bit about Antarctica heard some of the anecdotes from my trips, or just meet me, I’ll be present for the opening on February 18th 2011 starting from 7pm.

Fabiano Busdraghi Antarctica poster
Poster of Antarctica exposition
© Fabiano Busdraghi

This is the address and contact informations of the gallery:

Fotogalerie im Blauen Haus
Schellingstraße 143
Ecke Schleißheimer Straße
80798 München | Maxvorstadt
Phone: 089 – 700 969 44
[email protected]

I’ll expose a total of 26 photographs from my trips to Antarctica, for the biggest part they are among the most abstract and minimalistic pictures I shoot on the white continent. For more informations about my travel to Antarctica and this series of photographs you can have a look to the article I wrote some months ago: Physics, adventure, poetry and photography in Antarctica.

Fabiano Busdraghi Antarctica Maps
Maps and photo locations in Antarctica
© Fabiano Busdraghi

I prepared a poster with several maps of my trips to help visitors locate my pictures. The version displayed on this page is quite small, but if you are interested you can download a bigger file (0.8Mb): Antarctic Map.

Concerning the prints, I’ll expose eleven 30x45cm edition of 15, eleven small 8x12cm edition of 15, two 50x75cm edition of 9 and one panoramic 23x82cm edition of 15. All the photos have 5cm of white paper all around the image, signature and edition number is on the back lower white margin. The photos are museum archival inkjet prints on a really beautiful paper: Photo Rag Baryta by Hahnemühle. It looks like the semi-lucid fiber paper traditional baryte paper used in the darkroom (actually it really contains a layer of baryte).

If you like my work in Antarctica please tell your friends about the exposition. Feel free to reuse all the images on this page. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon in Munich.

Fabiano Busdraghi Antarctica (3)
Virtual exposition of Antarctic photos
© Fabiano Busdraghi