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Duplicate posts in Google Reader

A few weeks ago I invited the readers of Camera Obscura to update their feed subscription, making available all the updates into a single feed too, with English, Italian and French articles.

Please update your feed subscription

More or less a year ago I began to publish English translations of the articles appearing on Camera Obscura, as well to translate in Italian all those articles who were written directly in English or French. From a site mainly in Italian, with time Camera Obscura has turned into a site where the English and […]
Transfer photocopies by Samuele Piccoli

Transfer photocopies by Samuele Piccoli

© Samuele Piccoli Samuele Piccoli works mixing photography, photocopies, transfer techniques, collage and painting. The transfer of photocopies of photographs on drawing paper, using cleaning fluid/trichloroethylene or acetone, creates images with a pictorial look that I find very interesting. Samuele Piccoli then adds onto these photocopied photos some external elements, be they purely pictorial, collage, […]