Infinite Cube City

3d reconstruction of the installation Infinite Cube City.

Last week I finally put online some files of the photos infinite palaces and buildings from my series of repetitive elements. Photos on which I worked for more than one year and that I have repeatedly cited writing on this blog. At the same time I published on Camera Obscura a brochure showing one of the installations that can be made starting from these giant photographs of buildings.

This is Infinite Cube City (pdf, 2.0Mb), a cube of 3m where the walls are built precisely using a photo of the series: the palace near Place d’Italie.

ICC (Infinite Cube City) is an artistic installation proposing an experience of contemporary and future urban space. In a completely neutral room there is a hung volume which generates a labyrinthine symmetrical path. A huge photograph of a building, taken from the project “Repetitive Elements” (RE) by Fabiano Busdraghi, is applied on the walls of this volume.

The viewer can walk into this labyrinthine space that looks towards infinity and is immersed in a three-dimensional reconstruction of a city completely equal, consisting of a single building whose elements are all equal and repeated indefinitely.

In the brochure, in addition to the description, illustrations and technical design, you have a short statement on ICC but also on the infinite places series in general.